Flower Walls: A Timeless Trend? Insights from DGM Flowers Co.

Flower Walls: A Timeless Trend? Insights from DGM Flowers Co.

Greetings, flower enthusiasts and event planners!

Since the unforgettable moment when Kim Kardashian walked down the aisle against the backdrop of a stunning flower wall in 2014, these floral marvels have been a significant trend in event decor. But, years later, are flower walls still popular? At DGM Flowers Co., we say a resounding "Yes!" and here's why:


1. Insta-Worthy Backdrop

In our digital age, where Instagram and Pinterest are often the go-to platforms for sharing and gathering event inspiration, visuals matter more than ever. A flower wall provides a picture-perfect backdrop, ensuring memorable and beautiful photos that guests will be eager to share.


2. Versatility

The beauty of a flower wall lies in its versatility. It can serve multiple purposes: as a ceremony backdrop, a stunning feature behind the top table at a wedding, a photo booth background, or simply as an impactful piece of decor. You can also customize flower walls to suit any theme or color scheme, making them a consistently popular choice for various events.


3. Lasting Impression

A flower wall is not only visually stunning but also unforgettable. Guests will remember the gorgeous backdrop and the luxurious ambiance it created, leaving a lasting impression and making your event stand out from the rest.


4. Faux Flower Revolution

With advancements in artificial flowers, faux flower walls have become increasingly popular. They offer all the beauty of fresh flowers, but without the worries of wilting or allergies. Faux flower walls are also more sustainable and budget-friendly, increasing their popularity among event planners.


5. Accessibility

As flower walls gained popularity, many event rental companies, including DGM Flowers Co., began offering flower wall rentals. This development has made flower walls more accessible to a broader audience, maintaining their popularity for various events, from high-end weddings to birthday parties and corporate events.


6. Personalization

Personalization is a significant trend in event planning, and flower walls fit right into it. With the ability to incorporate different flowers, colors, and even monograms or signage into the design, a flower wall can be a unique reflection of the individual or the event’s theme.


While trends come and go, the popularity of flower walls has remained consistent, largely due to their versatility, visual impact, and the evolution of faux flower options. So whether you're planning a wedding, a corporate gathering, or a party, a flower wall could be the perfect addition to elevate your event's aesthetic and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

By DGM Flowers Co.

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