Dive into the elegance of Palm Beach Flower Walls by DGM Event Decor. We offer high-quality, customizable floral backdrops inspired by the sun-soaked beauty of Palm Beach. Our seamless rental service ensures a remarkable transformation for your event venue, adding a touch of coastal luxury to any occasion.

Rental Terms and Conditions

Delivery & Pickup

Each of our Luxurious Flower walls come with White Glove Service at a flat rate of $150.


Additional fees

Late night pick-up fees may apply for event with an end time later than 11:59 PM.  


Reserving your Event Date

A signed rental agreement along with a 50% non-refundable deposit of your invoice is required for us to save your date. The remaining balance is due at least 7 Days prior to your event date. 


Accepted Payments

We accept Credit/Debit Card. We also accept Zelle (no personal checks).


Cancellation Policy

As a small business we only accept one to two events per day. Once the rental Agreement is
signed and your event date is reserved we will decline any requests from other potential clients on your date
and time. The 50% deposit is non refundable. Any cancellations made more than 14 days prior your event will receive a refund minus the nonrefundable deposit. Cancellation made 14 days or less prior to your event, you will be charged the full invoice price. No additional refund will be given if the event is cancelled due to weather or other circumstances
out of our control, including hurricanes.


Flower Wall Rental Policy

Any damaged greenery panel will incur a fee of $60 PER PANEL.

Total loss of the wall (fire, water damage, theft) will incur a fee of $6000

If the event pick-up time needs to be extended on the day of the event itself, you will charge $50 for each additional 30 minutes increment started (example: For an event set to end at 9pm but is moved to 9:05pm, there is a $50 charge, 9:35pm another $50 charge, 10:05pm another $50 charge, etc...). Once installed, the backdrop CANNOT be moved. When installed outdoor, weights will be used to secure the wall. If our professional installer deems the weather/wind to be a safety issue for the wall and/or guests, we reserve the right to install the wall indoor, or to not install it at all if there is no indoor space available. A refund of $100 will issued in the event the wall cannot be installed at all because of wind issues.    

Any permits  needed are the responsibility of the renter. The renter hereby accepts full responsibility from the time of delivery to the time of pick up. DGM Flowers Co. LLC, DBA DGM Event Decor is not responsible for any personal injury or damage caused by the misuse of the equipment. Hold Harmless: the renter assumes all risk inherent in the operation and use of the rented equipment by themselves and anyone else. The renter assumes the entire responsibility for the defense of, and to pay, indemnity. And hold us Harmless from, and release us from any and all claims for damage to property or bodily injury (including death), or loss of time and inconvenience resulting from  the use or possession of rental equipment, whether or not it be claimed or found that such damage or injury resulted in whole or part from our negligence, from the defective condition of the rented equipment or from any cause. 

Client must provide free or pre-paid parking for the time of delivery/installation and the time of pick-up/break.

Welcome to Palm Beach Flower Walls by DGM Event Decor, your premier destination for exceptional floral backdrops inspired by the luxurious charm of Palm Beach. Our collection features high-quality, customizable flower walls that are perfect for adding a touch of coastal glamour to any event.

At DGM Event Decor, we capture the sun-soaked elegance and vibrant flora of Palm Beach, transforming it into stunning flower walls. From weddings and parties to corporate gatherings, our flower walls serve as breathtaking centerpieces that elevate your venue and make your event unforgettable.

Our commitment goes beyond just providing a floral backdrop. We offer a comprehensive rental service, handling delivery, professional setup, and take-down. This way, you can focus on what truly matters - creating beautiful memories.

Explore the world of Palm Beach Flower Walls by DGM Event Decor today, and let us bring a piece of Palm Beach’s luxurious charm to your special occasion.